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Sutton Coldfield Town Hall is situated in Sutton Coldfield close to the Town Centre and the Railway Station.

It is owned by Birmingham City Council Leisure Services (Sutton Coldfield) but operated by Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust (SCART) as a registered charity..

It consists of a suite multipurpose rooms and catering facilities operated by a professional team capable of providing quality cuisine for every need.
The facilities are available for hire for conferences, meetings, weddings, exhibitions, fairs, etc, as well as for stage show productions. The premises are licenced for Civil Weddings.

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The main room is the Vesey Ballroom which can be converted to a 400 seat theatre with tiered seating, stage lighting and sound facilities. When the carpets are removed a sprung dance floor is exposed. Adjacent to this is the Vesey Lounge which has a Licenced Bar. The seating can be arranged in various formats. For an example with tiered seating arranged for a show with pit orchestra click here.

The Bedford Suite and the Crush Hall complete the array of public rooms.

The Vesey Ballroom                                                      


The Entrance Hall

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall was built in 1906 and consisted of Assembly Rooms, Council Chamber and a Fire Station
The Hall was built on the origional site of the Fire Station and the impressive clock tower was built for use when drying out fire hoses.

The buildings were extended in the 1950's to provide the Vesey Lounge and the Bedford Suite.
A major refurbishment was carried out in 1999 to restore the period decorations thereby enhancing its elegant interior against the parkland views.


Sutton Coldfield Town Hall Users have provided modern Sound System, Stage Lighting and stage equipment facilities. The auditorium is equiped with retractable tiered seating.

The procenium arch stage is usually extended with a Metrodeck apron stage for stage shows, orchestras, etc. This apron can be set up in various formats as requested by the user.
Rostra are available.
There is a mid stage running tab and other aluminium bars. All stage curtains are black in colour with the main tabs being red in colour.
There is quite limited but workable space for scenery storage and props at sidestage .
Stage layout 1
Stage layout2

A Zero 88 24 way system is installed in the Vesey Ballroom. Front of House stage lighting is situated on 2 x 12 way side wall mounted prewired bars. There are 3 x12 way prewired bars behind the procenium above the stage. Lanterns are SL profiles and Selecon fresnels. A lighting equipment inventory is available to hirers on request.

The lighting and sound desks can be installed at the rear left of the auditorium.
A video cable links this position to sidestage.
There is position on the rear right hand side of the tiered seating for a hired in follow spot.

Lighting Rig plugging
lighting Rig

An OHM amplifier and speaker system has been purpose designed for the Vesey Ballroom. It is a multispeaker system with time delayed infill speakers and bass bins.
A small mixing desk is set up for general use and is equiped with 2 x radio microphones and fixed microphones, tape and CD players .
A 24 way Allen & Heath desk together with ten licenced lapel radio mics, processor, minidisk, etc are available for show use when they are installed at the rear left hand corner of the tiered seating. together with the lighting desk Two JBL powered speakers are available for foldback or general use.
Show relay and talk back systems are available.

Speaker system diagram

A Hearing Aid loop with its own microphone is installed in the Vesey Ballroom.

A portable sound system is available for use in the other rooms at the venue.

A technical equipment inventory is available to hirers on request. (

Equipment issue proforma

A Grand Piano is available on stage via a trapdoor and hydraulic lift.
An Upright Piano is available for use at floor level.
There is also an electric piano and amplifier.

Dressing Rooms
Three Dressing Rooms are situated up a flight of stairs at backstage.