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The Sutton Coldfield Town Hall Users company was formed in 1998 with the object of promoting the interests of its members who are the users of Sutton Coldfield Town Hall and to act as trustee for those users.
The Company Board of Management is comprised of up to twelve voluntary representatives from those organisations using the Town Hall on a regular basis (Users) who have been admitted to membership of the Company upon approval by the directors. Any User may make application for membership.
The Directors of the Company are elected at the AGM which is usually held after October each year..

The Company primary objective is to aquire equipment and facilities for the Town Hall which it holds for the benefits of the Users and negotiates and enters into agreements with Birmingham City Council who are the owners and managers of the Town Hall.
Such equipment is installed in the Town Hall for the benefit any hirer of the premises and is managed and is maintained by Birmingham City Council .

The Company raises funds by producing occasional events at the Town Hall (usually a concert in January) and by application to Charitable organisations.

It is a registered Company (3768037) limited by guarantee and not having a share capital

From November 2016 Sutton Coldfield Town Hall activities are managed by Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust whilst the ownersip of the building remains with BCC.

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