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SCART have taken onday to day management of the Town Hall facilities from
1 November 2016
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September 2014

During 2014 in common with many other areas of its' expenditure Birmingham City Council finds itself unable to meet a repair estimate for the building or to subsidise the day to day operation to the extent that it has in the past. At December 2014 the Sutton District Committee are to further examine the two options they see to be available to alleviate the situation and which in either event may change the availablity of the building to Users. From their November 2014 meeting :-

That Sutton Coldfield District Committee further considers Options l and 2 (quoted below).  This is with a view to safeguarding the longer term future of the original Town Hall building which is well regarded locally for future generations to enjoy..

Option 1. – Sell for redevelopment the whole site with a restrictive covenant to retain the original Town Hall building. (may mean more recent additions being removed)

Option 2. – As Option 1 but with requirement to retain some community use.

Apart from the pleasure given to us, the Users, though participating in activities such as shows, lectures, dances, etc.within the building it also allows funds to be raised for Charitable organizations. The premises are thereby a valuable assett which must not be devalued or removed from community use,
The venue is also used as a means of livlihood for Trade Shows, weddings, parties, formal presentation events, professional entertainment, Blood Transfusion Service etc.

Representations are being made to Council Officials of our concerns and it is hoped that representaions will also be made to the Councillors by both the amateur and professional users of the facilities who are not directly associated with us to encourage the District Committee and the Birmingham City Council to recognise the strength of feeling from the community at large..

In January 2015 an Action Group has come together to consider what actions can be taken to ensure that Sutton Coldfield can continue to benefit from the facilities,

The Action Group would encourage all interested in retaing the Town hall as an entertainment and social venue to make representation to their local councillor.

22 February 2015

A small group of Users formed to investigate the possibility of establishing an Arts and Community Trust to take on management of the premises prepared proposals which were accepted by the City Council (22.02.15)

We, the community, have now until April 2016 to get a Trust and business strategy in place so that the Town Hall is properly marketed and promoted and becomes a viable business..  

In particular it is necessary to demonstrate how the failing Room Hire business at the Town Hall can be made profitable.

Ideas for such change will be welcomed by the Action Group.
Please click on the link Marketing Questionaire
for a Word document which may be saved, completed and emailed to admin@scthusers.co.uk.

16 March 2015

The BCC require that demonstrable progress has been made on implementation of the proposed Trust Company by September 2015 to ensure extension of their proposed closure date to April 2016 when it is intended that the proposed Trust will take over management of the facility.

In the meantime it is now business as usual for bookings. 

Progress is being made by the volunteer Working Group towards establishment of a Trust Company (Sutton Coldfileld Arts and recreational Trust - SCART (4/15)) who will be capable of taking on management of the Town Hall facilities.

Their work now includes liaison with Councillors and local business, the development of a viable business plan as outlined in their proposals, an assessment of the work required to renovate the building, together with establishment of the legal and financial basis of the Trust company.
The Group would be pleased to hear from any professional people who would like to join them in this work.

THAC intend to work with Council staff to increase the occupancy of the premises by both business and community hirers through an increased marketing activity.

The Council have been again asked to consider how signage and street advertising of the venue may be improved.

All existing users are asked to consider increasing their bookings with further events and to support those of other users - use it or lose it!!!

It is intended that those persons who have signed up in support of the project will receive regular progress bulletins from SCART by email or other social media and that the Sutton Coldfield Observer will be informed of progress and of events in support of the campaign.

14 April 2015

The volunteer Working Group are moving towards creating the Charitable Trust as Sutton Coldfield Arts and Community Trust .
Close liason is being maintained with local Councillors as the Group move towards creating the initial Business Case to present to the BCC in September in support of a transfer of the premises to the Trust.
The Group are arranging to make an inspection and valuation of the repair work required to restore the premises to a good condition when they take ownership.
It is antiicipated that study of the income potential for the venue will shortly be carried out by a professional marketing person.
The Group would like to co-opt members with accountancy and legal expertise.

The Working Group have arranged a Spring Prom Concert on Sunday 3 May 2015 to raise funds in support of their activities. Tickets £20 from 0121 439 6941 or www.spring-prom.com.

The Worhing Group are contacting those persons who indicated that they are willing to make donations to support the campaign.
Funding is also being provided from SCTHUsers reserves.

If you have not completed an interest form with your details then please email admin@scthusers.co.uk until such time as Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust publish their web site.

8 May 2015

The Trust sellout Spring Prom Concert on May 3 raised £4,500 - see Observer report
Also reports that £2000 received in donations and that work preliminary paperwork has been sent off to the Charity Commission.

29 May 2015

The volunteer Working Group have submitted their application for the Charitable status company - Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust (SCART) Ltd.

Discussions have been held with a professional fund raiser who is in contact with various organisations able to support new businesses such as SCART both financialy and with business expertise
Legal and Financial professionals are also being met.

Initial steps have been taken towards preparing the Business Plan for the BCC. in September.

SCART have established a web presence at www.scartwm.org.uk annd www.facebook.com/scartwm

30 June 2015

On 29 June Sutton Coldfield District Council meeting received a presentation on SCART progress which can be viewed at


August 2015

The SCART website construction is well under way and already shows some information on the SCART team and Town Hall activities. at

The team are maintaining close liasion with the District Councillors and are working towards the presentation of the business plan required by BCC in September. 2015 and to increase the activities available at the Town Hall.

Some professional staff have been engaged to assist in this activity.

The latest news is available at www.facebook.com/scartwm

January 2016

A proposal has been sent to BCC and a dialogue started. No decisions have been taken by the City.

Meanwhile the formation of a Sutton Coldfield Town Council has started. The premises have become a subject on the steering group adgenda as reported in the Sutton Observer

February 2016

Progress report from Sutton Coldfield Observer 5 Feb 2016

The formation of Sutton Coldfield Town Council has introduced other factors to influence the decions of BCC. on the future of the premises.

District Council meeting 15.02.16 only referenced to ongoing negotiations (video)

Possible relationship between SCART and SC Parish/Town Council discussed in article from SCO 19 Feb 2016

SCART are now accepted officially as a charity by the Charity Commissioners (23.03.16)

Town Hall Theatre web site available www.townhallsuttoncoldfield.co.uk

Read more: http://www.suttoncoldfieldobserver.co.uk/History-Sutton-Coldfield-Town-Council-meets-time/story-29290286-detail/story.html#ixzz49SyOZaE9 
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23 May 2016

First meerting of the Parish/Town Council where mention is madeof the Town Hall reported in SC Observer as:

An update on the town hall revealed Sutton Coldfield Arts and Recreational Trust did not yet have a ‘sufficiently robust’ business plan to take on a long term lease of the building. Asset transfer experts, solicitors Anthony Collins, have been instructed.

City council officer Steve Hollingworth, responsible for sports and parks and the town hall, said: “Anthony Collins are working hard with SCART to create a proposal that will be robust enough for us to make a decision. This could be done by the end of the month. We could make the decision in June. Then the transfer could be done by September.

“Once the report is available work is needed on the town council’s behalf to evaluate where that puts the town council’s view on that.”

Cllr Pears said: “It’s vital we seek the longevity of the building.”

Full report at


15 June 2016

The Town Concil meeting is to discuss a fresh approach to secure the ownership of the building in perpetuity for the benefit of the people of Sutton Coldfield and the wider North Birmingham area (including neighbouring communities such as Erdington, Stockland Green, Kingstanding and Great Barr), by establishing a new Trust(THT).
A new Trust would take on responsibility for the building, with a clear strategy for securing the finance to bring it up to standard and ensure it is fit for purpose in the future.

The Council are being asked to recognise that SCART have an operations plan which is robust enough to ensure a finacially viable management capability of the premises. They could be offered a lease on the use of the premisesby the proposed new THT from September 2016.

Proposals are in http://suttoncoldfieldlocal.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Town-Hall-Trust-v3.pdf

Further papers setting out the SCART proposals and advisory papers by other professional advisors are in the meeting Adgenda at


25 June 2016
Town Council to press BCC to fund the reuired repairs to building


30 September 2016
Sutton Coldfield Observer report SCART to take on management 1st November 2016 whilst negotiations on the building continue.

SC Town Council minutes – Sep 15 2016

Future arrangements for Town Hall premises.  –


7 October 2016

Sutton Coldfield Observer report - Entire workforce redundant on 31 October. SCART ensuring smooth transition of activities now under their management.

5. Sutton Coldfield Town Hall - battle lines drawn with BCC .. SCTC minutes 11 October 2016

Cllr Simon Ward, not content with proposing a motion to transform Sutton (see above), also chairs the working group charged with negotiating with Birmingham City Council to squeeze some money out the authority for the beleaguered town hall.

While the Observer reported last week that town hall staff had agreed en masse to relinquish their roles, the town council is looking to the principal authority to pay a contribution to restore it to its former glory (or at least a sound footing).

Cllr Ward said: “To be clear our stance is that a dowry from Birmingham City Council be put in place to put the building in a state it should be.”

The town hall is now in a state of transition regarding both its management and maintenance but the cash to repair and upgrade it will need to be found from somewhere……

1 Read more at http://www.suttoncoldfieldobserver.co.uk/royal-sutton-coldfield-town-council-five-things-we-learned-from-october-s-meeting/story-29803788-detail/story.html#yhvrbiv3OM1LUpyA.99

November 2016
SCART take on management of the premises with a short contract from BCC.
Volunteers assist with the initial work load but it is expected that jobs will be created for paid temporary staff.

Negotiations continue in respect of a building takeover by a proposed Town Hall Trust charitable company probably on 1 April 2017.

December 2016
Impressive programme set to continue for Town Hall

March 2017
More volunters are being sought for SCART
SCO article

Bcc to have further discussions on future for the town hall
SCO article 240417


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Sutton Coldfield Town Council Meetings Adgendas and Reports

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Sutton Coldfield Observer report - Entire workforce redundant on 31 October 2016. SCART ensuring smooth transition of activities now under their management (071016)